That's not good for business, and it's not good for the planet.
Cards are a pain to carry around.
Most end up in the trash.
They are seriously old school.

Now you can exchange contact information and grow your network with a simple scan and save. Catering to the specific needs of super-yachting, our contactless cards are super-easy to create and are a convenient and quick way to share your contact details on any device with anyone. Beyond that you’ll do your bit by saving paper and we’ll do our bit by planting trees.

Don’t stop with making a contactless card, make waves with a profile tailored to super yachting.
Profile yachts and crews, or find yachting industry pros to do business with. Find the people and services you need in each port, write reviews, get work, recruit source contractors and get work done. Show off your yacht! Show off your service! Just show off, its cool with us.

Shaking hands and handing out business cards is a big no-no post Covid-19. Practically it will probably be this way for a while. So ditch those paper cards, clammy hands and power shakes for good, starting now. Contact-free is simpler, quicker, and it gets the job done in a more hygienic way.
You’re checking the health and safety tick boxes; staff are protected, they can still network and share cards in person (2 meters apart, remember?) or over Skype, Zoom, or the video playground of your choice.
Leave a lasting impression, not a nasty cough!

Pretty much everything else has gone digital, so it’s time to ditch paper business cards. Your new digital business card and personal/business profile are just a click away.

Plans start from as low as FREE.

We Heart Trees as much as the Ocean

Sure, who doesn't? But at SuperYachtIn we're spreading the love. We have teamed up with 1% for Planet and non-profit environmental charity "One Tree Planted" with a focus on global reforestation. Enterprise and professional memberships plant 10 trees and 1 tree a month, that's potentially 120 trees a year! The oceans of the planet are our passion and livelihood. We don't want to get too hippylove-child on you, but everything's connected, man. The simple act of planting trees improves ocean health. Almost a quarter of CO2 emissions get absorbed into the ocean. More CO2 means changes to the pH of seawater, making it more acidic, with not cool consequences for the marine ecosystem. More trees mean less ocean acidification. We think that's good. Sign up to help us donate, if you agree.

Partners :


We'r glad you asked. Yes, if you are, or want to network with any of these people:

• An experienced, reliable crew member working or looking for work in the super/mega yacht industry...
• Yacht owners and companies wanting to promote your services and crew members.
• Or if you have a business involved in yachting related sector, which let's be honest can be anything from marina, to shipyard, to catering to circus performer.



Tired of losing contacts?
Tired of losing leads?

How many times have you searched around for that business card? And when you need it most... Nowhere here to be seen. Your details can easily be sent and shared on any device, easily capturing contact info and generating leads with the push of a button, keeping them forever. That's a long time! So no more hunting around looking for crumbled up cards in the back of that grimy drawer again!


Paper Business cards:
A Waste of Trees and Time

Did you know more than 6 million trees are cut down each year to make 10 billion business cards world wide? Save on the cost of paper cards. Keep your cash for more fun things: coffee, golf... expanding your speedo collection. Whatever floats your boat. You'll not only save paper! You'll also help us plant trees with "One Tree Planted", don't know about you, but we sure love oxygen!

Business Cards

Are you tired of business cards going to waste?

Many countries have done away with single-use plastic supermarket bags. Is it the turn of paper cards next? We say yes. Sure we’re biased, but 42% of trees are harvested for paper. Let’s save some wood. The planet needs it. SuperYachtIn will let you profile your business, your yacht, your whole experienced crew! Find work, offer products and services. Do it all and then some, Sustainably!


Sign Up Create your free account. You know you want to!

Create Your Card and Profile Add a nifty image, a logo (if you're a business), social media links, web URLs... you name it! Gosh, even your phone number.

Promote Your Profile Get the whole company a digital business card - and an easy to find profile page. Chances are the paper business cards your staff handed out last month are all in the trash anyway. An industry profile will save time! Save money! Save paper! Save whales (sorry, just habit, but we should save whales).

Share Your Card In space no one can hear you scream (according to the poster for 1979 classic Alien). In cyber-space no one will see your card unless show them. Share in person, via text, email, QR code or telepathy (should that be your superpower).


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